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Clinically-led Commissioning

What is clinically-led commissioning and why is it happening?

The Coalition Government announced a number of reforms to the NHS in its White Paper, Equity and Excellence: Liberating the NHS, which was published in July 2010.

The paper set out the government’s intention to put groups of doctors (called Clinical Commissioning Groups) in control of commissioning care for the people they serve. Under these reforms, PCTs will cease to exist from April 2013 as GPs take over the commissioning role, and the responsibility for health improvement (services that promote good health and prevent illness) is handed to local authorities.

These reforms were put into the Health and Social Care Bill, which was passed by Parliament in March 2012 when the Bill became an Act (law).

What is the role of NHS South Essex in clinically-led commissioning?

Our role, up until April 2013 when PCTs will be abolished, is to transfer the commissioning of healthcare to GPs, through local Clinical Commissioning Groups.

The role of NHS South Essex, while still undertaking their statutory and legal duties, is to support the development of the local Clinical Commissioning Groups to take on the responsibility for commissioning healthcare services. For questions and answers on clinical commissioning, please click here.

What is happening in south Essex?

There are four CCGs in south Essex:

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